CLOWNS CRUMBS SHOW 21.04 2013 Theatre Husa na provázku - sklepní scéna, 19.30

The 'Clowns Crumbs' show is built around a tradition of traveling comedians from the medieval times, who moved from town to town, bringing news, but also performing theatrical pieces which were sometimes subversive in their content.

Light, funny approach to the subject of spirituality and religion is one layer of presentation, resulting from the text and spoken by
actors - clowns. Actors interpret the four pieces of 'Mistero Buffo': 1.The birth of wondering comedian, 2. Resurrection of Lazarus, 3.The Blind and the Lame, 4. Boniface VIII. Clowns are working with the spontaneous emotions: here and now, relating to contemporary life and current events. With the desire to create a direct communication, comedians speak universal language of the Global Babel – Land, where God has mixed all the languages. Czech, English, French, German, Polish... is spoken and translated, or suggested by the audience. Public is not only consuming show. Actors - clowns turn directly to the audience, in dialogue and invite them on the stage.

Directed and performed by: Filip Teller, Kristýna Trojanová, Lukáš Karásek, Marta Kuczyńska, Pavol Seriš, Lights: Zuzana Řezná, Capocomico: Pierre Nadaud

Performance length: 75 min

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